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Founded in 2006, Huawang is specialized in developing and manufacturing composite conductors and bimetallic compounds, aiming at supplying a wide range of specialty wires at a competitive price for manufacturers in electrical and electronics industry. Our extensive portfolio includes CCA wire, CCAM wire, CCS wire, CCC wire, tinned wire, silver plated wire, CCA stranded wire, CCA parallel wire, CCA busbar, and enameled wire which can be custom manufactured to fulfill your demanding request.

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Huawang manufactures an extensive range of metal wire products and supplies solutions for bimetallic compounds to be used as electrical conductors in electrical and electronics industry and bi-metal composite materials for a wide variety of industries. Our expertise have led to us become specialist wire manufacturer in wire industry. In addition to bimetallic wires, Huawang also provides composite pipes, composite foils, and other composite materials in diverse forms.

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  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • DC Resistivity Testing